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100% Satisfaction Is Our Goal

With every job we do and with every customer that we work with not matter what, 100% Satisfaction is our goal. Others may say this, but few mean it; Stephens fence means it, choose us and you will see!

Quality Craftsmanship

At Stephens fence we take pride in our craft. We put all of the years of experience and building skill into each and every job. We pay attention to every little detail as quality craftsmanship should offer.

Since 1963 Over 45 Years

Stephens Fence is a family owned and operated business founded in 1963 by the current "chiefs" uncle in Carrollton Ga. Each fence built by Stephens comes with over 45 years of experience.


Searching for those words via the Internet will certainly turn up a myriad of results, some being fantastic companies, but also unfortunately some fly-by-night companies as well. Having to sort through them is irritating as well as quite a learning experience.

Why, learning experience? Because by sorting through them, you will undoubtedly learn what needs to be at the forefront of dealing with a good quality fence contractor. At Stephens Fence Company, you will find that we have been around providing superior fences since 1963. We are inordinately proud of who we are, for we are family owned and operated and have been for close to 50 years! The length of time in business tells you a lot, after all fly-by-night businesses are notorious for fleeing, and that’s why they’re called fly-by-night businesses.

What else makes Stephens Fence Company stand out among other fence contractors in Atlanta, Georgia? It’s incredible quality control, the highest of project supervision, written warranties and of course exceptional customer service.

There are so many different kinds of fences, from highly decorative fences to hog wire fences. The point is that not only does Stephens Fence Company supply all manner of fences, but we are also prepared to bring forth truly aesthetically pleasing fencing to any residential and even commercial venues.

Finding the correct fence is not only important aesthetically, but it needs to fit into the landscape, adhere to building codes, and bring security to loved ones, children and pets. This is why you want to contact a company with provable wide experience on all of those fronts. You see, anywhere you locate a Stevens Fence Company fence, you can always rely on the fact that it was put up with the uppermost quality materials as well as completely professional expertise.

Today, there are also more families who wish to redefine their residential living space by including outdoor living as part of their newly found enjoyment of being outdoors. With modern fire pits and assorted BBQ’s that now include full outdoor kitchens, privacy is becoming even more important than ever, thus so is the demand for good fences to bring outdoor living to the highest and best use.

Remember that no matter what your fencing needs are, we are here to serve you. Through our company's deep comprehension of fencing as well as our unswerving performance, we wish to bring you, our highly regarded customers, the satisfaction you not only expect but also deserve. We are not only ready but more than willing to assist you in any and all of your fencing needs.

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