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f you are in need of a picket fence, you should know that the Stephens Fence Company has been around providing superior picket fences since 1963! We are inordinately proud of who we are, for we are family owned and operated and have been for close to 50 years! The length of time in business tells you a lot, after all fly-by-night businesses are notorious for fleeing, and that’s why they’re called fly-by-night businesses.

Picket fences call to mind the days of a warm hearth, a crackling fireside, and loving families. It is said that there are not many things as welcoming and heartwarming as one of those lovely white picket fences.

If you call the Stephens Fence Company for your picket fence, then the accurately constructed and perfectly installed fence will beautify your home’s landscape, delineate your property lines as well as add a degree of security for you. After all, even picket fences come under different designs and shapes. There are the more stately gothic designs, and then some are others that are more modernistic in design.

Other questions come up when considering picket fences. For instance, does it have to be a certain height in order to put a damper on deer from coming onto your property? Are you perhaps trying to discourage rabbits or gophers from stealing your vegetables and if so, what size should the wire mesh at the base of the picket fence be? Have you considered a curved picket fence to please the eye or does the topography of your lot force you to consider curves? One of the marks of an excellent fence company is being able to deal with the curve of the land yet still make it look perfect.

We at Stephens Fence Company have been asked these same questions for so long, that we can almost anticipate y our questions, but instead we let you bring them forth so that we are sure to answer all your questions as thoroughly as possible. Our work ethic will astound you, from our personable sales guide/estimator to our dedicated installers, everything will work like clockwork, the way it’s supposed to, and you will be very happy with your new picket fence!

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